200 EMA Forex Trading Strategy

  • Always trade To the 200 EMA, or Away from the 200 EMA, but Never Through the 200 EMA.
  • When trading To the 200 EMA, utilize a Fibonacci Retracement, with Take Profit slightly before the 200 EMA.
  • When trading Away from the 200 EMA, enter upon a Double or Triple Reversal Pattern.

Learn the correct 200 EMA (aka the Brick Wall) to use on multi time frame charts. Many Forex educators and mentors have no clue about the information that we provide in this video. The 4 Hour Chart 200 EMA is a different setting in lower time frame charts. Get the exact settings for this powerful EMA, which we call the “Brick Wall”. This video is an example of why we are truly the Forex ELITE. You absolutely need to learn all these details from us to become an Elite Level Forex Trader.