4 Step Best Forex Strategy on YouTube. 2 Hour Course demonstrating the Best Forex Strategy that we offer on YouTube for free. This is a very important strategy to include in your Trader Toolbox. Lessons Include: Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Pullback, Daily Pivot Points, Set and Forget, Day Trading.

Step 1: Identify a Higher High or Lower Low from the Previous Day/Period.

Step 2: Identify a Retracement to the Daily Pivot (at or around the 8am London Open, which is marked “Lon” on our charts).

Step 3: Match our Daily Pivot with Fibonacci Retracement Levels (.382, .500, .618).

Step 4: Optimize Your Entry. Set an Ideal Take Profit and Stop Loss while satisfying our minimum Reward to Risk Ratio of 2 to 1.