Ever heard of the Golden Ratios? You need to absolutely look at the perfection of this Fibonacci Retracement Strategy covered in this video. Unlock the power of Multiple Fibonacci Retracement Confluences. This course is for beginners to advanced. If you want to improve your trading, then you need to carefully watch the Fibonacci Retracement Strategy explained in this course.

4 Step Process for our Fibonacci Retracement Strategy:

Step 1: Identify an Important Level (Figure, Daily Pivot, Weekly Pivot, Monthly Pivot, and or a Support & Resistance Zone).

Step 2: Look for Multiple Fibonacci Retracement Confluences. The important Fibonacci Retracement Levels include the .382, the .5, and the .618.

Step 3: Entry is a Reversal Pattern at the Area of Confluence (Your Important Level + Your Multiple Fibonacci Retracement Confluences).

Step 4: Exit at the next Important Level. In this example the Entry was at the Figure and the Exit was at the next logical Figure Level.