How to Generate Passive Income with Forex

The way you generate a passive income with Forex is through a Set and Forget Strategy. A Set and Forget Strategy eliminates the emotional roller coaster of trading. You set your Entry. You set your Stop Loss. You set your Take Profit and you go about your day, week or month depending on your target time frame. For example, if you prefer Forex Day Trading, you can Set your trade in the beginning of the day, and Forget about your trade until the end of the day. If you prefer Forex Swing Trading, you can Set your trade at the beginning of the week and Forget it until the end of the week. One of three things will happen at the end of the day or the end of the week: 1) your Take Profit gets automatically executed, or 2) your Stop Loss gets hit, or 3) your trade is still open and you manually close it out for either a profit, loss or break even. For more information, learn our Set and Forget Strategy in this video which will help you create a Passive Income with Forex.