What is the Forex Holy Grail?

The Forex Holy Grail is finding, learning and consistently winning from a very good Forex Trading Strategy. A very good strategy is a prerequisite to achieving Forex success in the long run. The strategy itself needs to be simple and easy to execute, with a high probability of success. And yes, we do have a few of those strategies.

Does the Forex Holy Grail Exist?

Absolutely Yes! There are a wide range of strategies that produce a wide range of results. For example, a Breakout Strategy is arguably one of the worst strategies with one of the lowest accuracy rates. Contrarily, a Double Reversal Pattern Strategy may generate an accuracy of 50% to over 75% depending on certain factors. Of course, there are also strategies and traders with over 90% accuracy rates, which clearly signifies that they have found the Forex Holy Grail.

Forex Holy Grail Myth

One of the biggest myths of the Forex Holy Grail is believing there is a No Loss Strategy that wins 100% of the time. This could not be farther from the truth. To make it very clear, there is absolutely no forex strategy that wins every single time. Having a strategy with an accuracy of 75% or more, is pretty much tapping into the Forex Holy Grail. With an accuracy above 75%, you can achieve tremendous success as a forex trader.

Does Experience Matter?

Knowing the Forex Holy Grail is not enough. Experience does matter. Just because someone gives you the Forex Holy Grail does not mean you will automatically start trading it successfully without having any forex experience. The best advice we can possibly give you is to master Reversal Patterns. With experience, if you master Reversal Patterns at Important Levels, then you will be able to maximize the success of a strategy in the caliber of the Forex Holy Grail.

Where to Find The Forex Holy Grail

Strategies 1, 2 and 3 from our Forex Mastery Course are High Probability Strategies with very High Probabilities for Success. In our expert opinion, they are arguably the best strategies in the forex industry. Aside from our premium course and strategies, we also offer our Best Free Forex Trading Strategy on YouTube (video above), which provides a 4-Step strategy to unlock the beginning of your quest to find the Forex Holy Grail.