Forex Mastery Course

The Ultimate Strategies

High Probability Setup Mastery

Strategy #1

High Probability Setup Mastery

Learn our proprietary High Probability Setup that we’ve been using for over 20 years with an extremely High Probability of Success. This is a quality strategy that was created by Forex Elite from our decades of Professional Forex Trading experience. Precision Entry and Exit. Set and Forget. Easily identifiable setup many hours prior to our High Probability Trade. This is definitely a strategy that you absolutely need to know and practice.

Levels Mastery

Strategy #2

Levels Mastery

Tired of looking at a chart and not understanding whether price is going Up or Down? Tired of not being able to predict the direction of price with a high degree of accuracy? This strategy will help you understand and predict the correct direction of price much more effectively. Major Forex Players move prices Up or Down, with a specific system of Levels, with a particular method of movement. By knowing this secret, you will better understand the correct direction of price, whether it’s going Up or Down, where it’s headed to, and where it might reverse. This is a very important strategy which can drastically improve your trading.

Intra Level Mastery

Strategy #3

Intra Level Mastery

Understand when Major Forex Players are moving currency pairs to a new Level and when they’re not moving currency pairs to a new Level. It’s extremely important for you to know this. This powerful strategy identifies countless trading opportunities to help you further execute the highest quality Forex trades. Learn and utilize our proprietary Take Profit Target to maximize the success of your trades.

Candlestick Reversal Patterns Mastery

Bonus #1

Candlestick Reversal Patterns Mastery

Learn our 2 Secret Rules of Candlestick Reversal Patterns Mastery. Understand where price is headed at every moment, after every candlestick. Understand if price is going up or down after any type or style of Reversal Pattern. Understand if price is breaking or not breaking a previous High or Low. You will no longer need to know the fancy names of the Candlestick Patterns. Instead, you will truly understand the secret art of the Reversal.

Supply & Demand Gaps Mastery

Bonus #2

Supply & Demand Gaps Mastery

Supply & Demand Gaps is a concept created by Forex Elite which was derived from our extensive experience with Forex Trading. Price gravitates towards our Supply & Demand Gaps and you need to know this very important secret to Forex Trading.


Common Pre-Purchase Questions

+ Answers

Are there any refunds?

No: There are no refunds.

Does the course include a Support, Community, or Discussion service?

No: We also do not plan on including those services in the future. Even if we did, the course would be priced for an additional $500 per month.

Do you offer a Coaching or Trade Review service?

Yes: If you need any additional assistance, you may purchase coaching separately for $20 per question or per trade review.

Are these strategies different from your 4-Step Strategy on YouTube?

The strategies are different, yet similar in some ways, to our 4-Step Strategy on YouTube. You can still continue using our free strategies on YouTube independently.

Does the course include Lifetime Access?

Yes: Your one-time purchase includes Lifetime Access to the course.

How many hours of video are included in the course?

Over 5 hours of video.

Can I view the complete Course Curriculum?

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