Forex Scalping Strategy (15 Minute Charts)

  • Chart Time Frame: 15 Minute Charts; Never use anything below 15 Minute Charts otherwise you will have many false signals. For example don’t use the 5 min or 1 min charts due to the increased likelihood of false signals.
  • Strategy: Identify a Double Bottom or Double Top Reversal Pattern at an Important Level.
  • Important Level (Category A): Figures and 50 Levels.
  • Important Level (Category B): Daily Pivots, Weekly Pivots, Monthly Pivots, and the Midpoints of those Pivots.
  • Important Level (Category C): Support and Resistance Zones and Supply and Demand Zones.
  • Stop Loss: Comfortably Below the Double Bottoms or Comfortably Above the Double Tops.
  • Take Profit: At least 2 times your Stop Loss and before the next Logical Level.

Learn the right way to scalp and profit a tremendous amount of pips. Learn what time frame never to use. Learn what constitutes an Important Level. Learn exactly where to place your Stop Loss and Take Profit. This Forex Scalping Strategy is for all trading levels, from beginners to advanced.