How to Draw Trend Lines

In an uptrend, you connect the Higher Highs and the Higher Lows. In a downtrend, you connect the Lower Highs and the Lower Lows. At a minimum, you will need 2 Highs and 2 Lows to connect to form a Trend Line. Trend lines are essentially a visual skill you can build with time. Trend Lines are very important to learn, practice and master. No matter what style trader you are, whether you’re a Day Trader, a Swing Trader, or a Scalper, Trend Lines can help you add an additional confluence to your trades.

How to Trade Trend Lines

  • Take the Reversal Patterns at the Trend Lines.
  • Also, you can add Fibonacci Retracement Levels as an additional confluence.
  • Stop Loss Behind the Reversal Patterns at the Trend Line.
  • Take Profit when it touches the Opposite Side of the Trend Line.