Enhance your Forex Skills by supplementing your knowledge with this Forex Trend Lines Trading Strategy. Trend Lines are super important to learn, practice and master. No matter what style trader you are, whether you’re a Forex Day Trader, a Swing Trader, or a Scalper, trendlines can help you achieve further success in the Forex world.

How Do We Draw Trend Lines?

  • In an uptrend, you connect the Higher Highs and the Higher Lows.
  • In a downtrend, you connect the Lower Highs and the Lower Lows.

How Do We Trade Trend Lines?

  • Take the Reversal Patterns at the Trend Lines.
  • Also, you can add Fibonacci Retracement Levels as an additional confluence.
  • Stop Loss Behind the Reversal Patterns at the Trendline.
  • Take Profit when it touches the Opposite Side of the Trendline.