Forex Breakout Strategy (#1 Mistake)

Never Trade a Forex Breakout Strategy! In this video we will show you why. Trading a Forex Breakout Strategy is one of the biggest mistakes many traders make. The simplicity of the trade attracts many newbies to the strategy. However, it’s arguably one of the most rookie-level mistakes you can make when starting out in Forex.

Market Makers, the creators and liquidity provides of the Forex Market, specifically set traps for retail traders to fall for. Why do they do this? Quite simply that’s how they make their money. They set traps and they trick retail traders so they can take their money. The Forex Market was created to take your money, not to give you money. Truth be told, the #1 way they take your money is through setting traps called False Breakouts. Therefore, if you’re trading a Forex Breakout Strategy, you are literally falling into the #1 trap set by Market Makers. Watch this video to learn more.