New York Open Forex Trading Strategy

The New York Open is one of the best times to identify quality setups and to execute quality Forex trades. The New York Open is 8am New York Time (Monday-Friday). Important Reversals usually occur around 8:30am New York Time (Monday-Friday). These are excellent trading times especially for those residing in the United States. A special note for London traders: Just because the name is New York Open, doesn’t mean that it does not apply to London traders. The New York Open is actually within the London Trading Session. Therefore London traders can take advantage of the New York Open trades as well because the New York Open is 1pm London Time (Monday-Friday). This is also known as the London and New York Session Overlap, which is an incredibly great time to look for our Double Reversal Patterns. Watch the video above to discover these important Double Reversal Patterns that occur at the New York Open. Learn the New York Open Forex Trading Strategy to identify and enter into these amazing trades.