Pivot Points Trading Strategy (Best Forex Indicator)

There are two main reasons why we consider Pivot Points to be the absolute Best Forex Indicator. The first reason is that most other indicators are what are known as lagging indicators. This means by the time the indicator provides a Buy or Sell signal, the trade has already gone by. In other words the indicator signal lags because the trades are happening faster than the calculations of the indicator. Pivot Points on the other hand are predictive as opposed to lagging. Every day, week, and month the new Pivot Points get set and all the major Forex Players trade directly to them. It’s almost like a cheat code whereby you know where the finish line is. If you know where the finish line is, and everybody is trading directly to it, then don’t you think it would be a good idea to slap on some Pivot Points on your chart? We sure think it’s a good idea. You should too. Jump on the bandwagon, and trade directly to the finish line yourself. Pivot Points are a no-brainer!