Follow our Trades Of The Day (TOTD) Series to learn a Very Profitable Forex Trading Strategy. This is a quality strategy that you can learn and execute on a daily basis to become a Professional Forex Trader. Take a look at how often this Profitable Strategy sets up in this video.

Profitable Forex Trading Strategy

Step 1: Right Time
Make sure you’re trading at the right times: London Open, New York Open, or the Tokyo Open. Reference our Forex Secrets video for the specific times.

Step 2: Double Reversal Patterns
Look for Double Reversal Patterns at the Right Times.

Step 3: Important Levels
Make sure the Double Reversal Patterns are happening at Important Levels. Important Levels include Pivots, Figures, or any Major Support & Resistance Zone.

Step 4: Optimize Your Entry
Set an ideal Entry. Set an ideal Stop Loss. Set an ideal Take Profit. Satisfy our Minimum Reward to Risk Ratio of 2 to 1. Set and Forget.