Questions + Answers

What's special about Forex Elite?

We have our own Proprietary Trading Secret. Nobody other than the members of Forex Elite know about our special trade. It requires only 5 to 10 minutes of your time per day. It's easy to learn and it has a remarkably high probability of success. We don't just offer a course. We offer Professional 1 on 1 Training and Online Training. We also offer an optional Trade Setup Notification Service. We are the Forex ELITE. What others charge for, we give away for FREE!

Can I call or email my Dedicated Forex Elite Coach every business day?

Absolutely! You may call or email your Dedicated Forex Elite Coach every single business day, forever. Furthermore, you may also schedule Professional 1 on 1 Training Sessions every single business day, forever.

What time do I Enter a trade?

U.S. Residents: 9pm PST / 11pm CST / 12am EST (Sunday – Thursday)
International: 5am London Time (Monday – Friday)

What time do I Exit a trade?

Exactly 12 hours later...
U.S. Residents: 9am PST / 11am CST / 12pm EST (Monday – Friday)
International: 5pm London Time (Monday – Friday)

Is your course for the London Trading Session Only?

Yes. Our High Probability Setup is specifically designed for the London Trading Session.

Is this a real Set & Forget strategy?

Absolutely. Upon identifying our High Probability Setup, you would "Set" your trade upon Entry. You can "Forget" monitoring the trade, which eliminates the emotional factor of trading. You "Set" it, and you "Forget" it, until the trade Exit, where you simply close your trade out, unless it was already closed out by your Take Profit setting.

Which currency pairs should I trade?

We recommend the following 8 currency pairs:

Do you teach Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

No. Our teachings are based primarily on Price Action Analysis. We teach you how to understand what price is doing simply by looking at the price itself on the chart. We make you visually understand what price is doing and where it's moving to. We don’t perform any fancy technical analysis. We use 1 very simple indicator, which makes our charts extremely simple and clean. We also don’t perform any fundamental analysis. As a matter of fact, we avoid trading on days where there are major news announcements, which we discuss further in our training program.