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Is there a "Best" time to trade Forex?

Absolutely! There is 1 best time to trade Forex and we will disclose this information to you in our course.

Is there a "Best" indicator that I should be using?

Yes. There is 1 very specific indicator that you should be using. We disclose this information in our course. This specific indicator will drastically improve your trading.

Is there a "Best" chart time frame that I should be using?

Yes. We recommend a specific chart time frame to use in our course, which will help you maximize your success as a Forex Day Trader.

Is there a "Best" broker/platform I should be using?

Yes. You should only be using a broker/platform that has the specific indicator that we use. This information is disclosed in our course. If you don’t have a broker yet, or your current broker doesn’t have the indicator that we use, then we do provide our recommended brokers/platforms for you to use.

Do you recommend any specific currency pairs to trade?

Yes. We have a recommended list of currency pairs to research/trade, at a minimum. Our High Probability Setup performs really well with our recommended minimum currency pairs.

Is this a real Set & Forget strategy?
Absolutely. Upon identifying our High Probability Setup, you would “Set” your trade upon Entry. You can “Forget” monitoring the trade, which eliminates the emotional factor of trading. You “Set” it, and you “Forget” it, until the trade Exit, where you simply close your trade out, unless it was already closed out by your Take Profit setting.
Do you teach Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

Our teachings are based primarily on Price Action Analysis. We teach you how to understand what price is doing simply by looking at the price itself on the chart. We make you visually understand what price is doing and where it’s moving to. We don’t perform any fancy technical analysis. We use 1 very specific indicator, which makes our charts extremely simple and clean. We also don’t perform any fundamental analysis. As a matter of fact, we avoid trading on days where there are major news announcements, which we discuss further in our course.

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