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One of the best investments I have ever made.


I discovered Forex Elite through their YouTube Channel. My goodness I was truly impressed. You can tell these guys are on another level. Their free videos are better than most (if not all) premium courses offered by other companies. Respectfully I bought the Forex Mastery Course. That blew me away as well. All the strategies and sections in the course are top notch. It’s 100% worth the price.


Love the simplicity and the way they breakdown the process of trading!


Most people or companies are not willing to give up real trade secrets or good information, much less for a good price. Everything important is in the Forex Mastery Course. I’ve learned stuff I never knew about. Definitely an eye opener. Wish I got this course years ago!


Best company to learn forex. The strategies work! Thank you!!!


Prior to joining Forex Elite I was struggling with all of the strategies I was using, particularly trendlines. Trendline Trading was my main strategy. At best, my accuracy was 50% in any given month. After going through the course, I understood exactly what I was doing wrong. I was applying trendlines in the wrong areas and the wrong days. These details are nowhere to be found on the internet. So I do recommend the Mastery Course because it has really made me understand the right areas to trade and my accuracy has significantly improved. Another thing, my main strategy is definitely not trendlines anymore. It’s the strategies in the course mainly.


I’ve been trading Forex since march 2019. I’ve never been able to achieve a decent winning %. I’ve experienced mainly losing trades. After investing thousands of dollars to improve my trading, I still ended with an overall loss. I just purchased this course and it is the first time I’ve been consistently profitable. Highly recommend this program. It’s pure gold!!!


For the first time ever I have actually grown my account. Don’t get me wrong I still lose here and there from small mistakes. Still learning. But its phenomenally higher accuracy than I used to trade. I simply did not really know what I was doing before. Very happy I found their youtube channel which is really good especially for those new to forex. The course is even better. I don’t trade any strategy other than the 3 in the course. The candlesticks and the gaps videos are very helpful as well.


If you want to properly learn how to trade forex, then this is the best course. I have purchased other courses similar in price and some that were way more expensive and I really got nothing except half decent strategies, if that. The forex mastery course is WAY better than all of them. I now understand how price moves and where it moves to. I’m able to predict and understand price action much better than before and much better than any course I’ve ever bought on price action.


If you want the right information to actually make money in the Forex market… then this is the right course. The strategies are as good as it gets. Support has been professional and timely. All my questions have been answered promptly and to my satisfaction.


ELITE Indeed. The company name and the course name are appropriately named. Very happy with my decision to purchase the course and become a member.


The Forex Mastery Course works. I’m starting to win more often. My trading is not perfect. I do have losses. But I have more wins at the end of every week, which is the most important part.


I used to follow signal services but if you want to last permanently in the forex world, then I recommend you get this course. You should not depend and rely on signal providers because you will never learn yourself in the long run. You need to follow yourself and the best information and course I have come across is Forex Elite. I don’t know of any person or company more experienced than them. They know details that others don’t know about.


I recently came across forexElite content and I’ve found it a breath of fresh air so clear and direct. They post regular daily helpful content and are very consistent with their approach. They respond very quickly and always answer my many question. Can’t rate them enough I told my friends about forexelite because even their free content is enough to put you in the right direction. Truly amazing what forexelite our doing 🙂


I highly recommend the Mastery Course. Very good strategies and concepts that you should learn. You will be at a disadvantage if you don’t know the teachings in the course. Also the support has been very professional and helpful. No complaints at all.


I stumbled upon Forex Elite from their Youtube channel. I chose to invest in the Mastery course after watching their amazing youtube videos. I’m very happy I did. The course is totally worth it. The support from Alex and David have been awesome as well. Thank you!


This is the right course to learn proper forex trading. I’m not just carelessly scalping anymore. I understand the Levels system which is very important. I know exactly what Level I’m in and I trade exactly as advised. I do both long and short term trading very successfully.


This has been my best performance ever. After taking 10 trades with the 3 strategies from the forex mastery course. 7 wins. 3 losses. Very happy with my investment and looking forward to a very bright future. Thank you guys! You are the absolute best!


Great information. Great support.


Got a couple trades to work perfectly. Very happy about that. Also got a couple losses. But I take responsibility for my losses. They were bad calls on my part. Got a little excited and made some mistakes. But most important thing is I’m learning and I’m really getting this to work for me.


Hands down the best forex course. You won’t find anything better.


If your trading style is price action, then do yourself a favor and get this course. It will be the missing link if you were struggling with price action like I was before. There is a huge piece of the puzzle that nobody other than Forex Elite teaches. I now understand price action MUCH BETTER. I pretty much know exactly where price is headed at all times and I’m usually right most of the time. I would give this course 10 stars if I could.

David W.

The Forex Mastery Course is very helpful and straightforward. Very happy with the whole experience.


Excellent Material. Very happy with the Forex Mastery Course. 


Confirming that I am getting some trades to work perfectly following the exact instructions in the course. 


Course is great. Support is great.


I place fairly large orders as a trader. The strategies and setups in the Forex Mastery Course are the only ones I trade. I do lose sometimes, but I’ve never had a bad month. I would never risk the kind of money I trade with any other program. This is the best one.


The support I have received from Alex and David has been stellar. They have been so patient with me and so helpful. I could not have asked for a better course nor better support. Thank you!


Best Forex course I have purchased.


Brilliant course and info. Much appreciated.


The 3 strategies in the course work. I had an excellent week of trading with all 3 strategies.


I would recommend Forex Elite and the course to all forex traders. Support is also very good and professional.


Prior to purchasing the course I would lose more often than I would win. Actually way more losses than wins. Now I still lose a lot, but I do win more often than I lose. It’s been a big improvement.


Top notch strategies, info and support.


There is a lot of important information in this course that is imperative to your success as a forex trader. Totally worth the price.


I’ve watched everything twice already. The strategies are very accurate. Also love the supply demand and candlestick videos. Wish I knew the secret rules to candlesticks a long time ago.


I purchased the course about 2 weeks ago. Strategy 1 is definitely my favorite especially because I’ve already got it to work for me. Strategy 2 and 3 is a really smart way to trade. Still need to practice though with Strategy 2 and 3. Also wanted to say thank you to the support team (David and Alex) for answering my million questions so promptly.


Many thanks to Forex Elite for this course and the support. I’ve had a really hard time with forex but I just didn’t want to give up on it entirely. I make better trading decisions now and I’m losing much less. To create an additional side income would be a dream come true. Getting there little by little!


The course is very good. So on point.


This is the best forex course from all the ones I have purchased. Unfortunately some of my other purchases were each over $5K which makes me cringe when I think about it. Those were a complete waste of money. This course is substantially less costly yet the expertise provided in this course is far greater than all the other courses.


Aside from a very good course.. the support has been excellent.. thank you


I had a rough start in the beginning. I couldn’t get anything to work. The setups I would take would go against me. And the setups I would hesitate to take, would actually work out. It was driving me nuts. So either I was getting it wrong or I was completely missing out on the winners. With practice and with help from the support team I finally started to trade some setups correctly. So it definitely does work. You just can’t hesitate taking a good setup. Some will be losers and some will be winners. That’s the way it is.


Impressed that they can teach an old dog like me new tricks. Even something as fundamental as candlesticks. I surprisingly learned something new. I also had heard about supply and demand zones, which really didn’t make much sense to me. The “gaps” video brought it all together. Definite 5 stars for the learning experience.


Good course. Prompt support.


Currently practicing all the strategies. This review is more specifically about the support I have received. Having lifetime support from these guys is worth a hundred times over the investment.


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