Our Strategy

Maximum of 1 Trade Per Day

We advise our members to take a maximum of 1 trade per day. The reason is that all of these pairs are correlated in one way or another. This means that if you have the direction wrong on 1 pair, you probably have it wrong on the other pairs as well. No need to lose multiple times. Stick to a maximum of 1 trade per day. You need to trade smart, which means you need to pick the absolute best setup that you see and you need to only trade that 1 perfect setup, per day. If you don’t see one of our High Probability Setups on any given day, then you pass on trading for the day. You absolutely never force a trade. You need to stick to our rules of a Maximum of 1 Trade Per Day.

Maximum of 1% Risk Per Trade

You should risk a maximum of 1% of your account, on a maximum of 1 trade, per day. Don’t blow out your account with huge risks. If you want to be one of the Forex Elite, then you need to trade smart, which means setting a maximum of 1% risk per trade. If you want to become a successful Forex Trader, then you need a logical and systematic approach to get there. In other words, there can’t be huge losses that throw you off your path. A maximum of 1% risk per trade, is a smart approach to long term sustainability.

Reward to Risk Ratio of at Least 2 to 1

Only trade with a minimum Reward to Risk Ratio of at least 2 to 1. In other words your Risk is 1% and your Reward is 2% profit. If you lose, you only lose 1 point. However, when you win, you gain 2 or more points depending on your Reward to Risk Ratio. This means that even if you lose half of your trades, you’ll still be a successful trader, because your wins will outweigh your losses.

Elite Discipline

A good trader is one with elite discipline. Maximum of 1 Trade Per Day. Maximum of 1% Risk Per Trade. Reward to Risk Ratio of at Least 2 to 1. These are the rules we teach for smart money management. You absolutely need to be disciplined to achieve success as a Forex Trader.

Price Action Trading

The core of our strategy is based on Price Action Trading. In other words there is no technical analysis and there is no fundamental analysis either. We teach you how to understand what price is doing simply by looking at the price itself on the chart. We make you visually understand what price is doing and where its moving to. We don’t perform any fancy technical analysis. We use 1 very simple indicator, which makes are charts super simple and super clean.

Set & Forget Strategy

Our system is truly a Set & Forget Strategy. What does this mean? This means you “Set” your trade prior to the trading session, and then you “Forget” it, until the end of the trading session, where you would close your trade out. In other words, there is absolutely no monitoring your trades. What’s really great about a true Set and Forget strategy, is that it eliminates the emotional factor of trading. No monitoring means No Stress and No Emotion. You “Set” it, and you “Forget” it, until the end of the trading session. You’re not just sitting there stressfully looking at prices spike up and down. This helps you focus on becoming a better trader and making better trading decisions. Instead of being stressed and watching your money go up and down throughout the trading session, you can focus on mastering our High Probability Setup and making objective trading decisions. Eliminating the emotion of trading, will allow you to become a better Forex Trader.

Trading Times

Do our Trading Times fit your schedule? Please review the Trading Times below and confirm that our trading schedule works for you. All of these settings are part of the extensive training that you will receive.


U.S. Residents: 9pm PST / 11pm CST / 12am EST (Sunday – Thursday)

International: 5am London Time (Monday – Friday)

Upon identifying our High Probability Setup, you would Enter into a trade exactly at this time.


U.S. Residents: 9am PST / 11am CST / 12pm EST (Monday – Friday)

International: 5pm London Time (Monday – Friday)

Exactly 12 hours later, you would Exit your trade, unless your trade was automatically closed out by your Automated Take Profit setting.

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